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Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

If I try talking to you, and you act uninterested, know that I probably won’t ever try talking to you again

She knows you’re good looking, she knows you can get girls, she knows any girl would be lucky to have you, and that’s what she’s so afraid of. The thought that she has you and she could lose you on any day and she wouldn’t be able to see it coming. The thought that you could meet another girl and everything you feel about her could go away. The thought that you might meet someone better and she’ll no longer be good enough for you. The thought that one of your exes decides to talk to you again and old feelings for her might change your mind about being with her because you might get bored of her and want to be single again. All these thoughts racing through her head and it just makes her so scared. Does she like thinking about these thoughts? Of course not! It just comes to her mind. She just doesn’t ever want to lose you.


I’ve been scouring the internet to see if there are any tips on how to get yourself out of the friend zone. For anyone that doesn’t know what the friend zone is, it’s when one person in the friendship has romantic feelings towards the other but the feeling is not reciprocated. I have recently been wondering if it is possible for someone to get out of the friend zone and the answer is YES, most definitely. How many times have you heard about best friends becoming soul mates? I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot. I sure have!

So it is not always possible for someone to 'get out' of the friend zone but in some cases it is. Think about it, you want your partner to be your best friend, right?  

For anyone looking to get out of the Friend Zone, follow these 6 steps:

1. Admit You’re In the Friend Zone- If you ignore the fact you are just friends you will end up going round in circles. 
2. Define How Your Friend Sees You- Once you’ve figured out if there is any chance your crush could potentially have feelings towards you, you can decide what to do next.
3. Confess your Feelings- Man up and tell your crush, they may feel the same way. 
4. Separate from Your Friend- Spending a little time away from them may help them to realise that they do have feelings towards you. 
5. Get A Life- The saying ‘you always want what you cant have’ springs to mind here.
6. Change up Your Look and Change Your Attitude- A fresh you will give you confidence, and we all know how sexy confidence is.  

If I give you my heart what will you do with it?

The majority of commitment phobes live their lives without realising they have insecurities. But how do you overcome subconscious fears?

It’s more simple than you may think.. If you’re afraid you need to find out what you’re actually afraid of. For some people it’s the fear of committing to one person and for others it could be fear of opening up to somebody (that’s my biggest fear).

Emotionally opening up to somebody is inevitable at some point in all of our lives, as we will become close to people who we will trust enough to tell our deepest thoughts. But I know that even though I may trust someone there are always things that I keep to myself as the fear of telling someone everything sets you up to be heartbroken, right? No, that’s not always the case. 

In order to overcome this fear the first thing you need to do is get over past failed relationship ghosts. This may seem silly as you may be over the person, but you probably haven’t got over the hurt that you felt. The best thing to do is to learn from the lessons in the past, then move forward leaving the past behind. Make good now and trust this new beginning. 

Then face your fears. It doesn’t mean that you need to jump into a relationship but don’t run away if you are happy, if you feel the spark trust yourself and trust your partner.. It doesn’t always have to end with heartbreak!

Top 15 Tips to spotting a commitmentphobe

1. They love the chase but not the catch.

2. Many CP’s have a history of flings and short relationship’s yet always make out it is the ex’s fault they split.

3. They are charming, seductive and attentive.

4. They play games with your heart as they are in a constant state of emotional conflict.

5. They are not easy to be pinned down. They like to plan last minute and ‘go with the flow’, and often say ‘sounds great” or ‘I will get back to you’ and cancel last minute, stand you up or turn up late.

6. They twist things when you confront them by turning nasty, calling you a drama queen or accusing you of being over sensitive.

7. They are often attractive and successful, yet come up with lots of reasons why they haven’t been married, lived with anyone or had a long term commitment.

8. If you complain about not seeing them enough - they say you are too clingy or needy.

9. They like to control everything by picking time frames that are convenient for them.

10. They often date people who live a distance or are married, as then when they want ‘out’ they then have a great excuse to end the relationship.

11. They pull away when you get close and chase you when you pull away.

12. They are often unfaithful and favour affairs and flings over long term relationships.

13. They like to date as they get lonely but get bored easily which is when the text, emails and calls start slowing down.

14. They often compartmentalise elements of their life which is a sure sign you are they are not into you for the long term.

15. They often mask their deep unhappiness with empty sex, gambling, drink or drugs.

(Source: Huffington post)

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges

—Joseph F Newton

Can officially confirm that the way to a man’s heart these days is not through beauty, food, sex, or alluringness of character, but merely the ability to seem not very interested in him.

—Bridget Jones’s Diary